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Blog PSA


I WILL NOT be participating in any type or form of April Fools day pranks in anyway. I wanted to post this a few days in advance so I can reblog it a couple times before the 1st. Please be careful on the internet that day, people like to post things that  seem harmless but can trigger others (such as jump scares and the like). I just want to let my followers know that I won’t be posting anything other than my normal posts (art and stuff) on April 1st.

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questioning as an act


so there’s this thing in social work & other therapeutic professions where we get in this habit of asking questions. sometimes too many questions. and sometimes the wrong questions. and sometimes the right questions at the wrong time.

because we are trained in how to dig deep and encourage…

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It’s Official!

Our Heroes & Inspirations: Ladies of Science Kickstarter has LAUNCHED!

Our Project:
Albert Einstein, with his crazy hair and inspirational quotes, has been the king of the popular scientist. We’d like to change that. Each of the ladies of science we’ll be introducing has just as much claim on the throne as Albert, and each of them can inspire an entire new generation of passionate people to never give up on their dreams.
We are launching our new line of inspirational jewelry with some impressive portraits of some amazing ladies of science. Each portrait is being lovingly created by a fantastically talented lady artist. We’ll be offering the pendants as dog tags, in the style of our other recycled art pendants.

The project will be running for the next 30 days. If you support women in science, and women in art, we would really appreciate your support for this project


We’ll be sharing different aspects of the project over the next few days. Each of our artists are doing an amazing job, and we want you to get to meet them as well as learn a little more about the wonderful women of science featured in this line.

Support support support support support!

backed it!!!!!

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